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How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

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• We provide you with the required
physician’s certification.
• We prepare your state application
• We file the application for you

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“The guys at Healing Leaf AZ rock! Got everything done the same day, 100% hassle-free. Will definitely come again next year.”

Ryan, 28

Get Your Card.

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Our Mission: Serving You.

When it comes to Medical Marijuana Certifications, you deserve nothing less than a confidential, professional, and compassionate service. We strive to provide such a service every day.

Our team of doctors and support specialists provides everything that is needed for qualifying persons to receive the Arizona Medical Marijuana Card:

• Physician’s evaluations
• Card eligibility check
• Medical record review
• Picture taking and document scans
• Application filing

Our strict confidentiality rules protect your privacy throughout the whole process.